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Baltimore Ravens vs St. Louis Rams 2015: Ravens down 3-7 at halftime

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Just like has been the same throughout the season, the Ravens are plagued by poor play and undisciplined players that are causing yet another team to get in front of them. Playing like the 2-7 record that they are, this first half has been a half of errors.

The big news in this game so far is undoubtedly the end of the season for Ravens running back Justin Forsett with a broken arm. After being slammed down to the ground by Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald, Forsett was helped off the field with the aid of an aircast before being ruled out with a broken arm. Another game and another player out for the season on injured reserve.

Now the Ravens are seeing what they have seen in just about every game, which is undisciplined play leading to penalties and giving their opponent a lot of additional yardage for no reason. By the end of the first half, the Ravens have 6 penalties for 107 yards. Despite the penalties, the Ravens have done positive things on offense and defense, but they need to settle down.

The Ravens had been playing good, clean football prior to the injury, racking up 26 yards on the ground through 4 rushes and looking to be beating the Rams at the line of scrimmage on most plays. Even after the injury, Javorius Allen has been showing that he has earned the extra snaps, piling up 32 yards on 8 rushes of his own. However, the thing that continues to hold the offense back has been turnovers. Quarterback Joe Flacco floated a pass to tight end Crockett Gillmore, overthrowing a wide open option to get intercepted. You simply can't win games when you give up some very easy turnovers like that.

As if all of that isn't the epitome of the Ravens season, even kicker Justin Tucker failed to hit a field goal, missing an opportunity to put much needed points on the board.

Hopefully a rah-rah speech from the head coach will settle down the team and get them playing in front of them instead of letting stupid penalties and mistakes haunt them for another week.