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Justin Forsett Injury: Knee jerk staff reactions to the loss of the Ravens starting running back

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Forsett snapped his arm against the Rams on a slam tackle from second-year defensive lineman Aaron Donald. For at least the remainder of the game, Forsett will be watching from the locker room as his day is done.

We took some of the knee-jerk reactions from the staff on this awful news.

Holt Smith:

I want to cry since now we have no #1 skill players other than Flacco

Kyle Barber:

The Ravens put out Jensen and Urschel against this absolutely dominating defensive line. I would love to say i'm surprised by the injury, but Donald is the best interior D-tackle in the league.

Nathan Beaucage:

I am numb. Honestly. It's like we are cursed by some football deity.

Matthew Stevens:

Devastating news for the Ravens and for fans. Forsett might not have been reliving his 2014 production, but he was a vital cog in this offense. Having him out for the season kills this team and only helps secure what is a lost season.

The worst part is that the gruesome injury comes to a player that is the classiest of them all. Luckily it doesn't seem to be an injury that will be career threatening, so hopefully he can come back next season.