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Justin Forsett Injury: Ravens running back breaks arm from Aaron Donald tackle

With the slam of his body and the trainers putting on the aircast, Ravens running back Justin Forsett has broken his arm.

Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald busted through the line on a running play and was able to wrap Forsett up while standing. In a second effort by Forsett, Donald slammed him to the ground, causing the Ravens veteran running back to remain on the field for quite a bit of time in the first quarter.

The Ravens were committed to the run game in the first half, giving Forsett 4 rushes. The Ravens running back was able to turn those opportunities into 26 yards, averaging 6.5 yards per carry. It was a major difference from last week where the Ravens only had 89 total yards on the ground against the Jaguars.

Here is a still shot of the apparent injury.