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Ray Lewis impersonator offers his Thanksgiving motivation

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The holidays are nearly upon us. Only a little more time before we are sitting around our families, eating turkey, stuffing, and pie. If you were dreading cooking, cleaning, or even being around your family this Thanksgiving, Ray Lewis impersonator - AKA: Andre Boyd has you covered.

Once again, Andre Boyd is on point with the quotes and everything. At some point, the Ravens are going to have to sign him to a contract simply to provide motivational speeches to the team. He hit us up with gems like:

No weapon formed against your kitchen shall prosper

They think they are going to come into your house with a Patti Labelle sweet potato pie and sit down at your dining room table and eat a bowl full of cranberry sauce

When he starts talking about the food that will be served there, all I can do is get hungry. Cranberry sauce, cornbread, greens, dressing, gravy, Patti Labelle sweet potato pie... Come on and get here already Thanksgiving.