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Ravens boast one of the league's best special teams units

Jerry Rosburg's "Wolfpack" is leading the league in many statistical catergories.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret the Ravens have one of the best special teams groups around. Headline by history's most accurate kicker Justin Tucker and the league's most pinpoint punter Sam Koch, the Ravens have an almost unfair advantage in at least once facet of the game.

The group has come a long way since 2012, when kicker Billy Cundiff infamously muffed an easy kick to bring the AFC Championship Game to overtime. Now fans can breathe easy when All-Pro Justin Tucker steps up to inevitably drill the field goal. Punter Sam Koch has also greatly impoved, posting career highs last season, and leading the league in net average.

Since 2012, the Ravens have consistently been ranked as having a top 5 special teams group, and the trend is continuing this season too.

Not surprising is the high ranks in the kicking and punting games, where Tucker and Koch have been automatic, singlehandedly winning both of the Ravens' games this year. What might come as a surprise is the resurgence of the return game, which has still excelled in the absence of Jacoby Jones. The now-released Jeremy Ross was a boon to the return game, racking up some nice returns in his five-game stint with the Ravens.

While the Ravens may continue to struggle, they will continue to enjoy success in the special teams game for many years. The combination of a good coordinator, and some of the league's best special teamers is a lethal one.

Baltimore's special team is truly "special."