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Losing out the rest of the season is a real possiblity for the Ravens

The second half of the season was supposed to be a cake walk.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

When Ravens' fans saw the team's schedule for this season, the second half was supposed to be the easy part. Matchups with the Chargers, Jaguars, Rams, Browns, and Dolphins were very tantalizing. But with the team at 2-7, and coming off a loss to the Jaguars, who hadn't won a road game in almost three years, all hope seems lost, even against such a weak schedule.

So what are the odds of the Ravens dropping their next seven games? Pretty good actually.

ESPN's Power Football Index has the team winning only two of their remaining games, being slightly favored to win against the Rams and Browns. However, the Ravens only have a one-point advantage over the Rams, and anything is possible against the Browns, who the Ravens have split with in their past four meetings.

Dropping so many games in a row would be uncharted territory for the Ravens, who would join the '11 Rams, '13 Texans, and '14 Titans as the only teams to lose their last seven games after starting 2-7. While the Ravens have favorable matchups against Cleveland and Miami, where they have historically played well, anything is possible this year, as the team lost to the recently awful Jaguars, Browns, and Raiders in games that almost everyone that they would win.