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Ravens' fans are going to get a special coin this Sunday

Fans are getting something a little extra this Sunday.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This Sunday, the Ravens are adding yet another great to their growing 'Ring of Honor. Ed Reed is the man of the hour, and he will become a member of the Ravens' exclusive club. Reed will be joining Heap, R. Lewis, J. Lewis, Stover, Ogden, Boulware, McCrary, former Owner Art Modell, and eight other Baltimore Colts and Cleveland Browns by receiving the Ravens' highest honor. The team defines players worthy of the honor to posses the traits of character, gratitude, vision, passion, faith & courage, competitive spirit, and humility.

But Reed won't be the only one leaving with some bling to his name.

Fans showing up to this week's contest are leaving with more than just a good experience, as Smyth Jewelers are giving out commemorative coins to celebrate the occasion.

No matter what the outcome of the game is, it will be quite the experience to see the homecoming of a Ravens' great, where he can bask in the glory of the house that was once his for so many years for one last time.