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Terrance West donning Ray Rice's number this Sunday

West is only the second player to wear the number after Rice's departure.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The departure of Asa Jackson left more than just one vacancy for Terrance West.

The former Browns' back was the man to take Jackson's spot and number when he was injury-waived this week. Before being called up from the practice squad, West wore the number 42. He wished to wear the number 28, the one he has worn for so long as both a Towson and Cleveland player. However his request was denied because that number belongs to safety Brynden Trawick.

West then asked for any number in the 20s range, and there was one number available. That number was 27, the one worn by the infamous Ray Rice. West didn't seem to have any issue with wearing the number, saying "He's helped me a lot in my career."

West attributes some of his success to Rice, who is a close friend. The two talk "about once a week", and West made sure to seek the approval of Rice before making the switch to No. 27.

For fans, a No. 27 in the backfield will be something to get used to, as only Asa Jackson has worn the number since the release of Rice last September.