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Vernon Davis Traded to Broncos: Denver gets their TE

Broncos acquire 49ers TE Vernon Davis for Denver's 2016 and 2017 6th round picks.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco has been the talk of the NFL thus far when it has come to trade rumors, and now some of that has come to fruition. TE Vernon Davis has been the main candidate to be shipped out of San Francisco in order to start the rebuilding of the team, and now they have pulled the trigger. It has recently been announced that Davis has been traded to the Denver Broncos for two sixth-round picks in the next two years.

This move wasn't exactly a shock, Denver had made It known that they were looking for other options at tight end due to lack of production from Owen Daniels and Virgil Green. Daniels followed Gary Kubiak from Baltimore to Denver, and was unfairly expected to take over the role of Julius Thomas who left Denver for Jacksonville during free-agency. Denver's offense has lacked a vertical threat from the tight end position thus far, and Davis will fulfill that role quite well. I expect Davis to have much better success in Denver with the major upgrade in the quarterback position, which you could argue Colin Kaepernick was the problem for Davis' lack of success these past few years.

The talk of a trade for a new weapon for Joe Flacco has been stirring for quite a while now in Baltimore, especially now with the loss of Steve Smith. Fans are clamoring for a big trade to bring in a legitimate target for Flacco, but don't get your hopes up. The Ravens lack of cap space is going to prevent them from bringing in anybody that can do much better than the players currently on the team. Realistically the Ravens just don't have the right factors to bring in a great new player, so don't expect them to.