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Ravens vs Chargers: Ray Lewis inspirational speech

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens honored legendary linebacker and former Raven Ray Lewis at halftime of the game against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. Something that has been missing for some time with this team has been the fiery speeches that fans came to expect from Lewis every Sunday. While some players have mentioned that his talks got a little stale at times, hearing a first ballot Hall of Fame player and one of the best at his position talk about winning the game is going to hype you up a little bit.

Courtesy of Facebook, here it is in it's full glory!

Baltimore Locker Room - Nov 1


Posted by Ray Lewis on Sunday, November 1, 2015

"It's about understanding, I'm gonna make the play or I'm gonna watch the play be made"

Seriously one of the best lines to be stated to a team that has struggled with effort at times this season. The game against the Chargers might not have been perfect, but I think that single line epitomizes exactly what the young Ravens players needed to hear in order to fulfill their potential.

Now excuse me while I go outside and tackle a truck.