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Ravens vs Chargers: After being yelled at defense tightened up

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, the Ravens allowed 16 points in the first half, making it look like yet another game where they would give up 30+ points and fail to live up to the play of the offense. Then defensive coordinator Dean Pees came down from his coach's box at halftime and ripped into his players according to Jeff Zrebiec.

While it has been fashionable to blame Pees for the Ravens' defensive woes this season, a lot of their issues have come from poor play from players combined with injuries. With players playing tentatively in the first half, allowing the more physically gifted wide receivers to beat them up, Pees had apparently had enough.

It is worth noting that after the half, the Ravens defense would only give up 10 points. A single touchdown and a field goal to a team that had been rated as the best passing offense in the league up until this week. It's even more interesting to see that the one touchdown in the second half was due to blown coverage as the defense was blitzing the safeties and the cornerbacks messed up their coverage assignments.

For a defense that has been on the ropes all season long, the stern talking to helped them find their ability to cover against one of the best teams in the league. Maybe a sign of things to come?