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Steve Smith Injury: Ravens wide receiver possibly eyeing return in 2016

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

With the news that Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. had torn his Achilles tendon and was done for the 2015 NFL season, the final as announced by the wide receiver at the beginning of the season, it looked like we were seeing the last of the feisty player. Well, there are now rumors flying everywhere that Senior might be eyeing a comeback tour in 2016 as a way to finish on his own terms.

Smith is set to have surgery on his Achilles tendon Monday to repair it and begin the arduous task of rehabbing it for the next 12 months. CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora is reporting that Smith is already talking about a return to people close to him.

Obviously, the Ravens would happily welcome him back as there is a direct need for a starting caliber wide receiver in this offense. While the rehab for this type of injury is typically 12 months or so, having a healthy and motivated Steve Smith Sr. back on this team could be exactly what is needed for a push into the playoffs in 2016.

We'll know more as things progress, but for now, there appears to be hope.