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Ravens chances at 1st overall pick improving after loss to Jaguars

Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

Every loss the Ravens add to their total, the closer they get to the first overall pick. With the Ravens entering week 11 at 2-7, they currently sit at the third overall spot if the draft were to start today.

Our friends at NumberFire have calculated the chances of the Ravens getting the top pick in the draft and it just keeps getting better for Baltimore. With a 16.88% chance at pick #1, the Ravens have gained +9.64% since their bye week. The loss to one of the NFL's worst teams sure does great things when it comes to your shot at picking first in the draft.

NumberFire also did a projection of the Ravens final record and it is just about as sad as their chances at a high pick. Projections line up to 4.7-11.3, meaning that the final record is expected to be 5-11. That would put them tied with the Detroit Lions with the same record in the 3rd/4th overall selection. Depending on how things iron out, the Ravens could continue to be in the same 3rd spot they are now or if the Cowboys or Browns improve slightly, the Ravens could be in the top-2.

A weird year for the Ravens has fans and analysts cheering for a different type of record and keeping track of teams on the complete opposite side of the NFL's power rankings.