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Cleveland Browns make the switch to Johnny Manziel for the rest of the season

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns just can't stop being the Browns can they? Even though backup turned starting quarterback Johnny Manziel has not played well at all this season and Josh McCown has been doing downright well as the starter, the Browns are handing the reigns over to the young kid to see what he has.

The Browns are 2-8 right now and are one of the very few teams that have a draft selection higher than the Ravens. Because of their lack of a bye week, the Browns have the first draft pick as of right now. So I guess it makes sense to see what you have with the young kids on your roster to see where you can trim players or where you need to focus on in the draft, but Manziel just isn't good.

SB Nation had retired defensive end Stephen White sit down and analyze Manziel to see if he was ready to be the starter or even capable of being the guy in Cleveland. His answer is a resounding no and when you see the film, you can see why it is pretty clear cut.

With the Ravens playing the Browns in 2 weeks, Manziel will have a chance to get in a rhythm with his players and coaches before suiting up against Baltimore. Given that McCown tore the Ravens secondary apart for nearly 500 yards, Manziel will have his work cut out for him to match what his predecessor had done.