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Ravens vs Jaguars Final Score: 5 falling players

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens are 2-7 for a reason. While the officiating has been to blame for some of the recent struggles the Ravens have had especially in their 22-20 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, a lot of them are self-inflicted. This team just makes mistakes every week. Here are the five players on the Ravens roster who are falling and need to turn things around.

1.) Runningback Justin Forsett

Justin Forsett has not had the kind of season he had in 2014 when he rushed for over 1,200 yards and made the Pro Bowl. Some of that has to do with the Ravens not being as committed to running the ball under offensive coordinator Mark Trestman and some of that is the offensive line not providing enough lanes to run through.

Forsett is averaging 4.2 yards per carry with 615 yards rushing, but he only has two rushing touchdowns on the year and in the last couple of weeks he has almost disappeared in the Ravens game plan. The Ravens in the last two weeks have 34 carries for 131 yards.

Forsett is 30, but he doesn't have the wear and tear on his tires that running backs his age would have as he has never held a starting position at running back in his first-six seasons in the league until he signed with the Ravens in 2014.

Some will argue that Forsett shouldn't be on this list, but it seems like he is falling out of flavor in the game plan recently. He can still run and be productive, but he has almost been forgotten.

2.) Cornerback Jimmy Smith

Jimmy Smith is in the Ravens long term plans for sure. He isn't going anywhere anytime soon. But at the same time, Smith doesn't look healthy. It still looks like he is recovering from his foot injury that ended his season last year. I personally give Smith a pass for that for this year. But next year, if he plays with the same level of performance like this year, then a lot of questions will be raised about him.

3.) Guard Kelechi Osemele

Kelechi Osemele has had a solid year for the Ravens. He hasn't been bad, but he hasn't stood out often for a player who is in the last year of his contract. The Ravens would like to have him back next season but not at the asking price Osemele may be looking for. It would be better for the Ravens to keep him, but with the inconsistencies in the running game as of late, his value may be dwindling.

4.) Free safety Kendrick Lewis

Kendrick Lewis hasn't had a very good year. He's been out of position, has had a lot of missed tackles and doesn't seem to have the play making ability the Ravens have been looking for. He had the opportunity to seal the game for the Ravens on the final possession against the Jacksonville Jaguars with an interception and he couldn't come up with it. He dropped it.

His play has made Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb play free safety more often. Lewis could be on the hot seat entering the 2016 offseason.

5.) Cornerback Asa Jackson

Asa Jackson commits two very dumb personal foul penalties on special teams against the Jaguars and that is the only unit where he sees significant time. Jackson has blocked a punt and an extra point attempt this year but that isn't enough. Jackson is on a very short leash already.

Jackson has been suspended by the NFL for PED's in the past and earlier in the preseason he was demoted from kick off returns and punt returns because of his fumbling issues. The Ravens don't have him involved on defense very often. He's a cornerback on a team that is looking to resolve issues in the secondary and the Ravens won't put him out there. That's a bad sign for Jackson going forward.