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There's a double standard between Joe Flacco and Aaron Rodgers

Joe Flacco needs help on offense and he is a bum. Aaron Rodgers needs help on offense and his teammates are the problem. Double standard much?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

This article isn't a debate about who is the better quarterback between Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and anyone who believes that is the case after reading this, the subject may be too complex for you. We all know Rodgers is.

But at the same time, the double standard between the two quarterbacks is amazing. The Packers have gone on a three game losing streak including a game where Rodgers only threw for 77 yards. The Packers went from 6-0 to 6-3 and Packer land is in panic mode.

The reasons that have been brought up by people during the Packers three game losing streak consists of the following:

  • Packers wide receivers are not getting separation for Rodgers
  • Packers offensive line isn't blocking well for Rodgers
  • The Packers don't have a running game
  • Packers defense is inconsistent
Sound familiar Ravens fans? The part about Packer wide receivers not getting separation should hit home for Ravens fans for sure. Rodgers, who many consider to be the best quarterback in football, apparently needs help around him for him to play better. Funny, I don't see anyone asking for Rodgers to re-work his contract as he is currently the highest paid player in football like they ask Flacco to re-work his contract all the time.

But let's list the same things that have occurred on the Ravens roster this season which all are accurate:

  • Ravens wide receivers are not getting separation for Flacco (very very true)
  • Ravens offensive line isn't blocking well for Flacco (true)
  • The Ravens don't have a running game (true)
  • Ravens defense is inconsistent (below average overall to be honest)
Let others make those claims for Flacco and the following response is,"Flacco's overpaid. Maybe if the Ravens didn't give Flacco all that money he would have better players. All Flacco does is throw the ball deep hoping for a defensive pass interference call. He's jump ball Joe. Flacco isn't elite. Elite quarterbacks make their wide receivers better."

Well, the elite quarterback in Green Bay isn't making his wide receivers better at the moment. And I think every Ravens fan would take Packers starting wide receivers featuring Randall Cobb and James Jones over Ravens  starting wide receivers featuring Kamar Aiken and Chris Givens. I also think Ravens fans would take Packers running back Eddie Lacy over Ravens running back Justin Forsett based on potential.

The best quarterback in football according to many needs help in Green Bay. But a quarterback in Baltimore who needs help is an overpaid bum. OK got it.