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Ravens vs Jaguars Final Score: NFL admits Baltimore should have won

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The final play of the Ravens-Jaguars game came down to a 53-yard kick by the Jaguars as they trailed by only 1 point. All caused by Elvis Dumervil and a stupid penalty as the clock ticked down to 0:00. Well the NFL has confirmed that the play should have been flagged dead before Dumervil ever got to Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles according to Marc Sessler of

NFL spokesperson Michael Signora confirmed to NFL Media on Monday that game officials in Sunday's 22-20 win over the Baltimore Ravens failed to flag the Jaguars for a false start penalty that would have wiped out an eventual game-winning, 53-yard field goal by Jason Myers.

"Inside of one minute remaining of either half, with the game clock running, when the offense is not set simultaneously prior to the snap, it's a false start. This results in a 10-second runoff, which can only be avoided if a team has a timeout remaining," per Signora.

Here is video of that final play and you can see players were not fully set. The wide receiver at the top of the screen never even moves after the ball is snapped, clearly not sure if they got the play off in time.

Even though it sounds like the Ravens should have gotten away with one and should be sitting at 3-6 instead of 2-7, let's not forget exactly how badly Baltimore played all game long. Quarterback Joe Flacco's 3 turnovers, the defense's several missed opportunities for some of their own added to the Jaguars missing a chip shot field goal means that a good team would have absolutely destroyed the Ravens. It was a game that the Ravens were lucky to still be in by that point.

The Ravens season continues to get weirder and sadder. Injuries, poor play from it's stars, bad schemes, and now the refs have all caused the Ravens to fall out of grace.