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Create your own self-deprecating chant!

Let's learn from the other kind of football.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Look, I get it. It's been a while since the Ravens have been this bad, and for some of us, we've never rooted for a worse Ravens' team.

But don't fret my friends. Being bad can be fun. Take it from our fellow opportunistic football fans across the pond.

See what I mean? This is fun. We can either be miserable, or make the best of what we have. Our awfulness.

So our challenge to you is to come up with the absolute best self-deprecating chant. It can be clean, vulgar, dry, witty, whatever you want it to be. A real good example of a smashing chant would be that of Manchester City.

"We never win at home,

And we never win away,

We lost last week,

And we lost today,

We don't give a f*** cause we're all pissed up,


This chant might be hard to top, but let's at least give it a good try, unlike the Ravens.