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Ravens Vs. Jags Final Score: Good, Bad, & Ugly

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Kendrick Lewis & Elvis Dumervil driving the tank

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The kick is good..

The Ravens are not changing this season folks. I accepted that fate when the game was close as it was. Pray for more losses, and accept the fate of the 20th Anniversary Ravens have displayed.

The Good:

  • The offense, when called upon made the plays. Tight ends became relied upon with the weakened receiving corps, and they shined. a total of 11 catches for 117 yards and two touchdowns! The tight ends are clearly growing, and for many years this squad can do some damage.
  • The tanking is real. The Ravens are the most creative team in losing games now, and the possibility of a top 3 pick is upon us. At this point expect the losses to continue, and Ozzie Newsome to draft the next superstar for the team, and quite possibly the league.
  • The defense didn't allow a million yards and a record amount of touchdowns. The defense is showing signs of life.

The Bad:

  • These Ravens aren't good. They're absolutely terrible. This squad doesn't know how to play responsibly, or effectively. They aren't the defense you expected. This squad has no pass rush, no pass coverage, and if they sure as hell don't know how to tackle.
  • Injuries have absolutely decimated this squad, and there are no receivers left that would start on other teams with an average line-up except Chris Givens and MAYBE Kamar Aiken. The team has hardly any weapons at wide out.
  • The offensive line can't decide if they want to be best in the league, or average. It's wonky every other drive. Last season Joe Flacco wasn't getting demolished and Justin Forsett was able to skip past the defensive line into the secondary on running plays.

The Ugly:

  • The Ravens will not be getting better this season.
  • The Ravens will continue to lose games this season.
  • This team doesn't know how to win. They are un-disciplined, irresponsible, and this squad is an embarrasment defensively. If they were literally the oppposite of what's happening currently they would be super-bowl bound.