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Ravens vs Jaguars Final Score: Ravens lose 20-22 on a facemask penalty

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Two teams that came into the matchup 2-6. Both teams sitting with a losing record because of injuries and poor play at every position. If you were thinking that one of these teams would finally clean up their act a bit and play like a team that deserves it's wins, you'd be wrong.

It all ended with a facemask penalty on linebacker Elvis Dumervil as the clock ticked down to 0:00. He had Bortles in his grasp and they had no time to make a play happen, all he had to do was just not grab the facemask. With the penalty, it gave the Jaguars a chance to try their shot at a 53-yard field goal to put them up and win the game. You are here, so you know how that kick went.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was told by former Raven and legend Ray Lewis to lead this team going forward during the game against the San Diego Chargers in week 8. Well in the very next matchup the Ravens have, Flacco gave up the ball 3 times to a Jaguars defense that just hasn't been good all season long. 2 interceptions because of bad throws combined with a fumble picked up by the Jaguars left the Ravens defense to have to try and defend against a solid Jaguars offense. Jeremy Ross would then drop a punt return and give the Jaguars the ball deep in Ravens territory yet again. All-in-all, the Ravens gave the Jaguars the ball back on 4 separate times.

Well Jacksonville, not wanting to get outdone in the poor play department did their best to see if they could screw up too. On the Ravens 4 turnovers, the Jaguars were only able to put up 10 points. Blake Bortles missed wide open receivers while the offensive line let their quarterback be a tackling dummy for a Ravens defense that has not been able to get many sacks without linebacker Terrell Suggs. The Ravens even snapped their streak for no turnovers by securing their first interception since week 2 against the Cincinnati Bengals... all the way back on September 27th.

The one thing the Jaguars were able to do better than the Ravens were on penalties. While the Ravens gave up 122 yards on 9 flags, the Jags only had 4 yellow hankies fly out, totaling 30 yards. Like we've talked about before, penalties for the Ravens have continued to kill their momentum at the worst of times and take away some of their best work.

We knew going in that this was a matchup between 2 2-6 teams, but we were all hoping for better football. If either team were playing a better opponent, it would have been a major blowout. Both the Ravens and Jaguars should be ashamed of the level of play they put up today.