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Ravens vs Jaguars: Ravens tight end Nick Boyle hurdles defender

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

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Ravens fifth-round rookie and third tight end Nick Boyle has been playing lights out for the Ravns this season. Originally brought in to be an extra blocker, Boyle has surprised everyone with his ability to catch the ball and make some plays. Some of which have looked exactly like this.

Coming into the 2015 NFL Draft, all the talk about the tight ends was about Maxx Williams' ability to get into the air and make players miss with his ups. Well Nick Boyle would like to have a talk with Williams about that after showcasing yet another leaping hurdle over a defender.

We've written before that Boyle looks like a legitimate playmaker in this offense and in a lot of ways has been outplaying second-round draft pick Maxx Williams this season. Time will tell if Boyle can keep up with what he has shown thus far into the season, but plays like this will definitely be making his highlight reel.