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Ravens vs Jaguars: Kamar Aiken bobbles pass, leads to interception and injury

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

At a time when the Ravens need to play about as perfect as they possibly can, they get a mess of a play that leads to wide receiver Kamar Aiken coming out of the game with an injury and the ball being picked off. With only a 4 point difference and without their top receiver Steve Smith Sr. due to injury, the play was about as disastrous as you could have to open up a half.

A poorly thrown ball by Flacco, leads to the bobbled attempt by Aiken. The bobbled ball falls right into the hands of Jacksonville Jaguars defender Davon House. Kamar Aiken gets bent in an awkward way and is attended to by the training staff for a sprained knee. Aiken would return a few plays later with seemingly little ill effects, but it made fans and coaches' hearts skip a beat for a minute.

With the Ravens finding their rhythm at the end of the first half on both offense and defense, to have the first play of the second half start off this way, it definitely puts a damper on the momentum they had. The Ravens, much like the Jaguars have been a team that finds ways to shoot themselves in the foot whenever possible instead of continuing to pile points onto teams that they should be beating. This play does a good job of summing up what the 2015 season has been to Baltimore