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Ravens vs Jaguars: Ravens lead 14-10 at halftime

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens have patched up the holes in their feet from all the times they shot themselves there and lead the Jacksonville Jaguars 14-10. A last second kick by Justin Tucker from 58-yards out falls just to the right of the crossbar.

The passing attack has picked up steam as the game went on as the Ravens have clearly decided to attack the weakness of the Jaguars, their passing defense. After an interception deep in Jaguars territory, the first since week 2, the Ravens were able to put their first score on the board, matching up with the Jaguars at 7 all.

After a field goal by the Jaguars put them up 10-7, the Ravens got on a roll and quarterback Joe Flacco found rookie tight end Maxx Williams for his first touchdown of the season. Some pressure and Jaguar miscues gave the Ravens the ball back with about a minute on the clock where they were able to move the ball down the field for the eventual Justin Tucker miss.

Still a close game, it feels like the veteran leadership of the Baltimore Ravens is starting to shine through. The defense continues to have the same problems they have had throughout the season, but some balls bouncing their way gives us our halftime score of 14-10, Ravens leading the way.