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Ravens defense vs. Jaguars offense

It looks like we're in for another scoreboard spinner

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens and Jaguars are both 2-6, mainly from their glaring weaknesses. For the Baltimore Ravens, it has been their defense. A defense that has allowed points to be scored and big plays to be played against them all year long regardless of the team they have faced off against.

The Ravens scoring defense is only a little bit better than Jacksonville's defense, as the Ravens have the NFLs 25th ranked scoring defense and opposing teams score 26.8 points a game on average. The Jaguars might have the NFLs 22nd ranked offense, but they should be able to put up points against the Ravens defense. The Jaguars 16th ranked passing offense should matchup well against the NFL's 24th ranked offense that has allowed opposing passers to complete 193 of 288 passes for 2,271 yards, 16 touchdowns and three interceptions for a 106.9 QBR. The Ravens pass rush might be able to get to Blake Bortles, as the Ravens are ninth in the NFL with 21 sacks and the Jaguars have allowed 25 sacks, seventh most in the NFL.

The Ravens are somewhat redeemed by their rushing defense, as the Ravens have a top eight rushing defense having allowed opposing rushers to carry the ball 212 times for 798 yards and five touchdowns. The Jaguars 25th ranked rushing attack probably won't have a good day against the Ravens rushing defense anywhere on the field.

The Ravens and Jaguars have identical strengths on offense and defense, as both teams are better at passing than they are at running and both teams can defend the run better than the pass. The Ravens are slightly better on both sides of the ball, but we should still expect a pass heavy game with lots of scoring.