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Ravens left tackle James Hurst is one of the worst players at his position

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

This might seem like hyperbole. "James Hurst is bad, but he can't be the worst left tackle in the league, can he?" Have you been watching the Ravens this season? Yes, yes he absolutely is the worst at his position and is actually one of the worst of all-time.

Pro Football Focus released their midseason razzie awards for the worst players at each position. Even though Hurst is not the typical starting left tackle for the Ravens, with normal starter Eugene Monroe constantly injured and missing games throughout the first half of the season, Hurst has been pushed into the starting lineup more than anyone would like. You'd figure that everyone would be used to Hurst being pushed into bad positions, but yet here we are (pun totally intended).

Hurst teams up with LaAdrian Waddle of the Detroit Lions who has actually graded even worse than Hurst has. The biggest thing is that Hurst sucks at both run and pass blocking, where Waddle is at least serviceable as a run blocker.

Waddle has a run block grade of 42.2, which ranks 57th among qualified tackles in the league (out of 77). That’s actually the good part. When it comes to pass blocking, Waddle grades out at 19.8, which is the worst amongst any tackle that has played at least one snap this season (there have been 107). Waddle has allowed five sacks, six hits and 24 hurries. His pass blocking efficiency of 87.6, if it holds up, will be the worst we’ve ever recorded for a starting tackle.

One could make the case that Hurst has actually played worse, because his struggles are all around. His run blocking grade of 27.9 is the third-worst among any tackle to take a snap, and his pass blocking grade of 26.1 is second-worst. His 29 pressures allowed has led to a pass blocking efficiency of 89.4, which is also lower than we’ve ever recorded among starting tackles.

Let me repeat this again, just in case you didn't fully read it the first time...

His 29 pressures allowed has led to a pass blocking efficiency of 89.4, which is also lower than we’ve ever recorded among starting tackles.

Hurst is playing worse than PFF has ever seen. EVER! Like in all the seasons they have watched terrible players get thrown into the starting tackle spot for whatever reason and Hurst is playing worse than all of them. Keep in mind that Hurst is the only player to make PFF's worst players of the year awards list. With how terrible the secondary and wide receivers have been, they aren't even this bad.

I've written about it before, but the Ravens need some help at the left tackle spot if they plan on doing anything in the future. With Eugene Monroe being injury prone and James Hurst being one of the worst of all-time, the Ravens have to stabilize quarterback Joe Flacco's blind side in order to expect Flacco to perform better and the run game to kick off.