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Ravens Power Rankings: Week 10

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Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens are coming off their bye week, situated perfectly in the middle of the season. Entering it at 2-6, the Ravens have to feel pretty low about themselves, but the second half of the season sees them at home a lot more and against a bunch of not so good teams. We've talked about how the Ravens seriously think they can win out, but for now, let's see where the media puts the Ravens when compared to the rest of the league.

SB Nation: 26th / No change

ESPN: 24th / +3

The Ravens are 2-6, but they've been outscored by only 24 points this season. The 3-5 Chiefs are the only sub-.500 team with a better point differential (plus-13).

Yahoo: 24th / -1

Fox Sports: 28th / -2

The Ravens worked out several veteran wide receivers during the bye week, but settled on none. Kamar Aiken leads the way after Steve Smith’s season-ending injury, and things will get even more difficult for Joe Flacco going forward. 27th / No change

The Ravens finally earned themselves a little momentum with the win over San Diego, and then got to capitalize on it by ... drum roll ... having a bye. Oh boy. Could Baltimore still have hopes for a wild card? Believe it or not, yes. The Jets and Steelers own the two wild-card spots for now, and Baltimore has a win over the latter team. Anything is possible. Though having Steve Smith Sr. in the lineup sure would help. #captainobvious

USA Today: 19th / No change

If ever a team might reach playoffs after 2-6 start ... crippled Steelers, Bengal (Week 17) only winnings teams left to face.