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Coaches on hot seat could be the next Ravens DC

Some struggling coach could be the next Ravens defensive coordinator

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Dean Pees' defense is on pace to be the second worst defense in the history of the franchise. If this keeps up, the Ravens will miss the playoffs and Dean Pees will certainly be out of a job. There's a number of people that could replace Pees after the season. They could promote from within, they could hire Jim Schwartz, or they could hire a coach who could be unemployed on Black Monday.

Here's a list of coaches that could end up as Ravens defensive coordinators:

Chuck Pagano

Pagano's Colts are struggling at 4-5 in a year where the Colts were supposed to be contending for the Super Bowl. There have been rumors of tension between Coach Pagano and General Manager Ryan Grigson and Pagano could find himself out of a job. Pagano has history with the Ravens, as he was the secondary coach during the 2008-2010 seasons and was the defensive coordinator during the 2011 season, where the Ravens ranked third in points allowed. The one caveat that comes with this hire is that a coach with Pagano's record might get scooped up by another team or would only be around for one season if he gets hired by the Ravens.

Gus Bradley

Shad Khan has been remarkably patient with Gus Bradley, but one has to wonder how much longer Khan will wait for Bradley's Jaguars to show some progress. The Jaguars have a 9-31 record during the Gus Bradley era and it's not likely that the Jaguars will finish 2015 with anything other than a losing record. Gus Bradley was the defensive coordinator in Seattle from 2009-2012 and under him, the Seattle defense went from being 25th in points allowed to first.

Teryl Austin

Austin technically isn't a coach, but the Lions have been getting rid of members from the current regime and Teryl Austin could join them. If Austin were to be fired, the Ravens should give him a look. Austin was the secondary coach for the Ravens from 2011-2013