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Sam Koch is the league's best punter, and the stats back it up

The punter of the 'Wolfpack' is the league's best at the most unappreciated position.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens have a weapon in their arsenal that few teams have. This player can reverse the field, and with one swift kick, can pin the opposition deep in their own territory.

That man is Sam Koch, and he's having one of his best seasons ever.

After an offseason contract extension. Koch is certainly rewarding the Ravens for their loyalty. His 49.4 average yards and 45.6 net yards are both best in the league.

But what the stats don't show is his ability to win games. An observant fan might infer that last week's 62-yard punt was a major cause for the victory. The mammoth kick put the Chargers on their own three-yard line, and it set up a three-and-out that would give the Ravens the ball back, and consequently, the lead.

Koch's punting style is unique, and most fans will notice that Koch tends to aim for the sidelines, rather than booting it as hard as he can down the center of the field. By his own estimations, he says he uses this unorthodox method "about 95 percent of the time." While he has pinpoint accuracy, he can also power the ball down the field. This versatility has led Koch to liken himself to a golfer.

"View me as a golfer," he said. "You’ve got a bunch of clubs on the bag and depending where we’re at on the field, what punt we want to use, how we want to use that club, what the approach is going into the punt and what we want the outcome to be, I’ll kick it differently."

This approach has led Special Teams Coordinator Jerry Rosburg to state that Koch is "changing the way the game is going to be played".

While this seems like a bunch of hyperbole, Rosburg might actually have a point. It's hard to think of another player who can single-handedly reverse the field, and perhaps even change the fate of the game.

Punters are people too, and its time we recognize Baltimore's very talented one.