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Week 9 wasn't kind to the Ravens' playoff chances

For the Ravens to keep playing deep into the winter, a lot has to go their way.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

At 2-6, the Ravens are facing a reality that they really aren't used to. For once, the odds aren't in their favor to make the playoffs. While it would take some fantastic play down the stretch to even launch the Ravens into wild card consideration, they are also going to need some luck as well. Unfortunately, luck hasn't exactly been on the team's side thus far, and that continued this week.

So how did the Ravens' playoff chances take another dive, despite the team not even taking the field? It was as simple as their AFC Wild Card foes winning games. Take a look.

Jets over Jaguars

With the Jets now owning a 5-3 record, they are much harder to catch, especially considering that New England has the East division essentially sealed up.

The Jaguars are now 2-6, but would've posed less of a threat at 3-6. Besides, the Ravens have the opportunity to knock them back a game this Sunday, making a Jaguars' win more ideal.

Colts over Broncos

This one isn't a big deal. Someone is going to win the AFC South with a really bad record, and anyone else in the division wouldn't be a wild card threat. With the win, the 4-5 Colts are on top of their division now. Denver is still running away with the West at 7-1.

Steelers over Raiders

Due to tiebreakers and other intricacies, a Pittsburgh win actually helps the Ravens. In a hypothetical situation where the Ravens and Steelers tied at the year's end, and were fighting for either a wild card spot or the division, the bid would go to the Ravens. As it stands, Pittsburgh's 5-4 record is currently good for the last wild card spot.

Bills over Dolphins

These two rivals were fighting over position in the wild-card race, as New England is blockading any chance of a divisional championship for either of these teams. A Dolphin win would've tied these two teams up, and the added bonus would be the fact that the Ravens and Dolphins square off in Week 13.

As it stands now, the Ravens have a minuscule .64% chance of playing into January. Yet despite the astronomically small figure, they are only 2.5 games out of the coveted last wild card spot. As any good statistician, oddsmaker, or even football fan will tell you, anything can happen.