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Steve Smith may be done for the year, but he could be back next season

Such a great career can't possibly end this way.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

With it now being official that Steve Smith, Sr. tore his Achilles, the outlook for his future looks very grim. Smith is now officially out for the year, and this was supposed to be the very last season of his storied career. Many fans are fearing that the Ravens lost the heart and soul of their team, not just for the season, but forever.

But it looks as if Smith might be going back on his word, something you wouldn't expect the usually stubborn receiver to do.

In a press conference today, Coach John Harbaugh addressed the issue of what the future holds for Smith, and he answered the question with an answer that we all wanted to hear.

This of course is simple speculation from Harbaugh, but I think we can all find common ground in saying that Smith simply can't go out like this. One of the league's most storied receivers, who had just climbed to tenth on the all-time receiving yards list, can't possibly end his Canton-caliber career with a season-ending injury on a less than stellar team.

Nothing is certain in this league, and even if Smith does want to come back, can his body do it? While Smith is one of the league's toughest, even younger athletes in peak physcial condition have trouble coming back from this injury. However, if anyone can do surmount the odds, it's Steve Smith. After all, he's the guy who broke his arm on a play and still did a touchdown celebration.

Smith is still under contract with the Ravens for the next season. If Smith's heart and body can muster enough strength for a comeback, there is certainly a spot on the Ravens, and in the hearts of Baltimore fans for him.