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Jeremy Zuttah injury: Ravens center injures shoulder

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Injuries just keep on piling on this team this season. Steve Smith is likely out for the game with what has been labeled a foot injury, and now the Ravens have lost their starting center as well. Jeremy Zuttah has a shoulder injury and is questionable to return to the Ravens vs Chargers game.

The Ravens have put in math genius John Urschel in to replace Jeremy Zuttah. His snaps have been a mixed bad so far, with shotgun snaps being terrible. With any change in the center/quarterback exchange, things will get hairy until the two players can get used to each other. As time goes on with Urschel at the center position, Flacco and him should get more comfortable and things should settle down. This could even be a positive as the Ravens have likely wanted to test out Urschel in a few spots this season to see if they could shed any players for extra salary cap room this offseason.

As of right this second, this game has 10 players that are injured in some fashion during the game. I'd imagine this has to be a record of some sort.