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Ravens vs Chargers Halftime Score 16-13: Halftime Report

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers have had players dropping like flies today, mostly on the offensive line. Seriously, 8 players have had to hit the sideline with injuries. Yet they continue to run the ball and throw without limited pressure to quarterback Phillip Rivers. So much so that Rivers has completed 19 of 22 in the first half, while the Chargers have attempted 15 rushes for 45 yards. It shows just how little the San Diego Chargers fear the Baltimore Ravens defense in any sense.

The Baltimore Ravens offense has done a decent job early in this game. Driving three times, kicking two field goals and scoring a walk-off touchdown to tight end Crockett Gillmore. The Ravens have primarily passed the ball, tossing up 161 yards on 19 attempts. Meanwhile the Ravens are facing off against one of the worst teams against the run heading into week 8, and have only attempted 5 runs for 16 yards.

The score is what it is because of a blocked extra point attempt by cornerback Asa Jackson. Even though he was wildly offsides, the refs continue to need their eyes checked, but it goes for the Ravens for once.

Right now the Ravens need help massively as this looks like every week so far this season. A game that is close, but the Ravens really aren't in defensively. Meanwhile, the offense continues to pull points out of their butts in an attempt to keep the score close and give themselves a chance to pull out a victory. Hopefully, this is the week where we see the defense get a much needed turnover or even just a necessary stop in the closing minutes to push the Ravens to 2-6 heading into the middle of the season.