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Can Ray Lewis inspire the Baltimore Ravens?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Future hall of fame inside linebacker Ray Lewis is with the Baltimore Ravens once again today on a special occasion as the team celebrates its 20th anniversary as a franchise as the team takes on the San Diego Chargers.

Can Lewis inspire the team?

"It's Ray Lewis, and I'm pretty sure that his presence at the game is going to have a lot of people hyped - not only the players and coaches, but the fans in the stands - to see one of the great ones," Ravens outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw noted via "But with us being 1-6, it's not like Ray Lewis being there is the only thing that's going to have us hyped. We're going to be ready to go regardless."

Even if the Ravens are hyped regardless, it is nice to see that the best player in their franchise history is there for encouragement. Players and coaches need to shake things up a little bit. Maybe hear from a different voice.

Lewis was a leader of the Ravens from 1996-2012 and he has been part of teams in the past that had their downs. The Ravens lost a franchise record nine straight games in 2007. He knows what it is like. He also knows what it is like to win as he has two Super Bowl trophies to his name.

Whether it is a pre-game chant or half time pep talk, Lewis should be invited to do so. This team clearly needs it.