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Ravens vs. Chargers: Staff Predictions

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Stevens

I think the Chargers simply have too much firepower on offense in the passing game. Between big, fast receivers in Keenan Allen, Stevie Johnson, and Malcolm Floyd to go with tight ends Ladarius Green and Antonio Gates, Phillip Rivers should have his pick of who is more open on Sunday.

The Ravens won't be bothered much by a rushing attack that has been one of the worst in the league, causing this to turn into a shootout fast. One that Joe Flacco seems to have regressed in this season.

Chargers 35 / Ravens 28

Wola Odeniran

The Ravens have played in close games all year. But they have almost always found a way to lose. I don't see that being any different today. The Ravens defense couldn't stop Phillip Rivers last year and that defense was actually solid. The Ravens defense we have seen this year is self-explanatory and Rivers has already thrown for over 500 yards in a game this season. The Ravens defense has allowed over 1,000 yards passing in the last three games. Chargers win 38-28.

Yitzi Weiss

Shoot out. Ravens continue to not force turnovers, Chargers defence is a joke. Flacco and rivers both have big days. Steve smith td late in the 4th is the diff. 37-33 Ravens

Holt Smith

After watch all the prior games It's almost guaranteed to be very close. Rivers and the Chargers offense shred the secondary, but so does flacco and the Ravens. Ravens establish a run game and pull it out in a high scoring affair. 35-31 Ravens

Christian Klarner

Shoot out. Lots of short passes for Chargers, long bombs for Ravens. The Ravens win because Rivers spends as much time on the ground as he does on his feet.