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Ravens safety Will Hill talks 2015 season, fining refs and more

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The podcast Brown and Scoop got a chance to sit down with Ravens safety Will Hill III and talk a little bit about his past, his time with the Ravens and even what is going on this season.

Some of the more interesting tidbits include Hill mentioning that NFL referees deserve to be fined for bad calls.


Oh man…I felt robbed. I think…you know how players we get fined for wearing certain apparel…I think they should get fined for making bad calls…I’m telling you there’s a lot of things that haven’t been called and there’s a lot of things that should have been called. It is what it is.

It is an interesting point really and I wonder if the NFL has something like that in place already. With so few referees in the game right now, you can't go firing every one for a bad call, but penalizing them monetarily could be a good start.

Hill also talked about the difference between John Harbaugh and Tom Coughlin. Interesting that Hill calls Harbaugh a players' coach when you'd figure he would be a little more strict with the persona he has.

Age...rings. When I got with Tom, he was more laid back then previous years. Guys usually tell me when he got into the league he was a stickler. He was uptight, but in his later years he was very calm, cool, but he had those times that you had to be on time. Everything was five minutes early. If you got there and the meeting was 8:00 you’re supposed to be there 7:55. You get there 8:00 and you’re late. He was more militant. Harbaugh, he’s more of a player’s coach right now. He asks us for feedback and he actually goes off most people like ‘what do you think?...oh alright, ok’. He actually listens to his players and becomes one with his players. We’re really in sync with our head coach and when I was with the Giants, we’ll be there for our coach…but with Harbaugh you’ll go to back for him anytime because he’s so in tune with the players.

I’m always early. I’d get there 15 minutes early.

Obviously with the slow start for the Baltimore Ravens, Hill was asked about what is going on there and how he feels about the 2015 NFL season so far.

"The first four weeks have been rough. Four games that we should have won that we ended up coming short. We lost a lot of key components. We’re a really young team right now. We got to step up and make certain plays."

Hill was asked a lot of other big questions like the loss of Suggs, the young wide receivers, Steve Smith Sr., and even his Florida Gators. A great interview that you should take a few minutes to listen to today.