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Was that a run game I saw?

Baltimore gets the ground game going

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Forsett finally crushing some rushing yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers helps to ease the worry for many fans. While to many the Steelers defense is bad, an AFC North battle isn't the place to expect the yards.

Yet Forsett finally achieved some first downs, and helped to win the divisional match-up.

Through the first few games this season the Ravens didn't see a lot of the zone scheme Baltimore & Kubiak ran the year before. A lot of HB dive became the go to call. But finally Ravens fans saw the stretch zone on the right side, and smiled watching Forsett make the read, and the correct cut up the field.

The Ravens so far this season weren't seeing man successful running plays. In fact Justin Forsett doubled his season total rushing yards from 124 - 274 after the Heinz Field Showdown. Now all of us are hoping to see Baltimore continue this streak, and the expectations have risen. Forsett is a starting NFL back, and the All-Pro Yanda is still out-playing all other guards in the NFL. Also, the starting left tackle is no longer James Hurst, whom grades out as the worst player this season according to PFF. Eugene Monroe will be back and making better running lanes for the ground game.

With the upcoming match-up against the Browns, Ravens fans expect another hard fought North battle and question if more rushing yards for J-Force is coming. In three days we'll all see the answer.