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Flacco notched another stat against Pittsburgh

Flacco rocking another +1 on game-winning/ drives

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens Win! With those words Joe Flacco moved to tie for 11th on the active list for game winning drive leaders, and tied for 45th in NFL history surpassing Troy Aikman.

Flacco has lead this team 22 times to victory when they needed a hero. On the active list only one player 30 & under is above #5.

A wonderful stat to observe is Joe has managed a a game winning drive against these AFC North opponents:

Clearly Flacco loves to shatter the hearts of Cleveland & Pittsburgh fans.

The First Game-Winner

Up against the Cleveland Browns Joe leads a 4th quarter comeback and a game-winning drive.

The 4th quarter started with Flacco snapping on the Cleveland 42 and passing to Mark Clayton for 14 yards. 28 yards away from tying the game up and Flacco takes all 28 yards two plays later. Tied up. Another drive puts up a Matt Stover field goal and the Ravens lead. Derek Anderson had to respond.

Pass was then intercepted by Terrell Suggs and returned for a touchdown. Game, set, match. Thus starting the franchise quarterbacks game winning life.

Now Flacco has been averaging around 3.5 game winning drives per season, meaning if he continues with 2-3 more he will be standing in the top ten for the active list and top 30 all-time.