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Haloti who? Brandon Williams making fans forget about the big guy

Williams with obvious leaps and bounds this season

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The big guy under the radar (mainly due to Aaron Donald and his young super-stardom) is a full submarine in stealth mode and nobody's signal has realized it quite yet. Brandon Williams is dominating the Nose Tackle position on the Ravens defense and suddenly people aren't talking about the lost of Haloti anymore.

But Kyle, they played different positions? You're right, but the run stopping is what the fans were nervous about with the double team on Ngata disappearing. Brandon has been "knighted" into the duty of gatekeeper, and entrance is always closed.

The Stats to prove it:

The number one ranked nose tackle in the NFL belongs to "Hulk" Williams according to PFF. Grading at a +12.9 he is the fourth overall DT/NT in the league.

His family also sees the numbers and have given him an adorable little piece of paper:

Isn't that just precious?

Back to the big fella and the dirty work. Possessing the number one ranking in run stuffing, Williams is constantly there to stop any half back praying to find a running lane. Haloti isn't even mentioned because the play has already stopped.

A photo posted by Brandon Williams (@brandonw_66) on

Brandon Williams leads through four weeks on Tackles, Run grade, and tied for the lead on stops. Stops are solo defensive tackles that constitute an offensive failure. Seventeen plays that have come Williams way are offensive failures. Sheesh, how is he not a name every week during the broadcast?

Williams talents have already stopped the mentions of big Ngata. If the pass rush talents translates to the Nose tackle fear in a quarterbacks face will be shown every Sunday.