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Justin Tucker wins AFC Special Teams Player of the Week

Another accolade for the much celebrated kicker

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

For his role in the Ravens' week four victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Justin Tucker won the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week award. Going three for three in his field goals, including a 52-yard field goal in overtime, he was the antithesis of Steelers' kicker Josh Scobee, who missed several field goals to allow the Ravens to come back from a 20-7 deficit.

This is the fifth time Tucker has won the award, while securing the award three times during his All-Pro 2013 season. During the 2013 season, he was the top dog in weeks 10,12,and 15 and he won it in week three of the 2014 season.  Tucker has continued to be the clutch kicker that the Ravens were searching for in 2012, as he has always delivered when the Ravens call on him to win the game and he has made life easier for the Ravens offense, as they don't need to go too far into the opponent's territory to get into field goal range.