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Buffalo Bills sign former Raven kicker Billy Cundiff

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

While the Ravens have the kicking game on lockdown, the Buffalo Bills just entered the kicker carousel as they signed former Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff. The ties between Cundiff and the Bills are there, mostly with head coach Rex Ryan being the former defensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens while Cundiff is more famous for shanked kicks in Baltimore than anything positive.

Buffalo's other kicker, Dan Carpenter, has not been on point this season or even through most of his career. His field goal percentage for 2015 is a paltry 71.4 percent. Meanwhile, even his extra point attempts are not perfect as he has missed a single extra point attempt, giving him a 91.7 percent on that.

Rex Ryan clearly wants to bring in some competition for Carpenter either in the hopes that he finds the center of the uprights a little more often, or that he can grab a kicker that will hit field goals more regularly. With Cundiff as the competition, I wouldn't hang my hat on Carpenter leaving town quite yet.