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First down maker Kamar Aiken

Great plays shine for the very much needed receiver

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The intermediate threat that the Ravens need to move the chains is becoming more apparent, especially with the loss of Steve Smith Sr.

Kamar Aiken on Thursday against the Pittsburgh Steelers provided some much needed playmaking in the vital victory for the Baltimore Ravens.

Kamar Aiken's very first reception of the game resulted in a first down. As did his second catch. His third was also a first down creator, but instead put up six on the board with the 15 yard outside fade route that was an easy pass straight into the breadbasket.

Another reception in the fourth quarter was also crucial, on a 3rd & 10 he found a very small hole in the coverage, and Flacco with a dime of a pass made the play. Twenty yards downfield Aiken made the first down on a game-tying drive for the Ravens.

Now the Ravens are in overtime. And Kamar had a single reception in overtime. If you were a betting man you would know that catch was once again a first down. Aiken produced a first down or end zone celebration on every single catch against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Aiken's importance will be sky-rocketing in the offense with SSSr. & Campanaro out with injuries.  Expect to see Flacco looking in his direction even more in the coming games.