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Ravens schedule has a bright spot

Upcoming games have a good outlook

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The first 25% of the season looked tough, and it was. Denver, Oakland, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh. True realists saw this being 2-2. Denver and Cincinnati beating us, but we'd make up those games against Oakland and Pittsburgh. But after some key injuries after a very tight game 1 the momentum shift just couldn't help Baltimore against the Raiders and Cincy squeaked one out like always. The Pittsburgh game should have been a loss, but yet here the Ravens are at 1-3 & 1-1 in the AFC North.

Now, the upcoming schedule, like I mentioned is favorable to make the Charm City squad with more W's.

Feel any better, cause I sure do.

Cleveland is 1-3. We match up well, and the game will be no easy skip in the park, but with the Ravens run game showing it's face at the end of the Steel city match-up and the Ravens continue said playmaking the victory is much more in favor for Baltimore.

The very bad San Francisco 49ers should be what constitutes as easy. The 49ers are a dumpster fire ablaze after Jed York's terrible decision making infused with the many losses.

That could put the Ravens at 3-3 folks. Right back in the running.

Afterwards, the Ravens travel to the very dominant Cardinals, and I don't expect a victory, but in the spotlight of Monday Night Football maybe the Ravens champion a win.

Finally, the Chargers, whom come to Baltimore will be a good match-up. This one will be a great game, but if the Ravens play up to their standards at home it could easily put the Ravens at 4-4 or a dominant 5-3 if the keys fall into place and they close out games.

Stay positive folks, the Ravens aren't done yet.