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Harbaugh Presser: Key points

Harbaugh had a lot to say

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Harbaugh did have his presser today and with it some information has finally shown up.

First and foremost the most important (in my mind) is over Steve Smith Sr.

Not good to hear exactly, with this meaning the injury would sideline most individuals. The only reason SSSr isn't down for the count is he can grit his teeth harder than most NFL players.

Also talk of Breshad Perriman a few sentences arose. First about the surgery/scope and the second about the healing process:

Not the worst news. Easily could be hearing instead Dr. Andrews saying it's a tear or worse.

Frustrating to say the least. We all are dying to see the 1st round selection play.

Finally, Harbaugh discussed Crockett Gillmore and Chris Canty on their calf strains:

Hopefully the Ravens see these two necessary playmakers on the field Sunday. Crockett's talents so far are showing and with them high hopes of a good offense are following.