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Ray Lewis Impression: Halloween Pre-Game Speech

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Usually we see people try to imitate Ray Lewis with his pre-game speeches and they always fall short of the real thing. Whether it is too much reliance on his squirrel dance or talking a lot about God, it is always a little too far over the top and more of a characterization of the pre-game speeches that we know here in Baltimore. Well, Travis Johnson,  formerly of the San Diego Chargers, has this for Twitter.

Not all that bad. He has the look down first, which goes a long way to pulling the impression off in the first place. Then is the accent and the way he speaks, with a passion and a slight trail off at the end of each sentence. Add in the typical rah-rah talk and you have what is one of the better impressions we have seen.

Happy Halloween folks and remember, trick or treat with effort!