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Ravens vs Chargers: 5 BOLD Predictions

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

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Can you believe that the NFL season is hitting it's halfway point? The Ravens are surely wishing that they could rewind back to week one and restart what has been a disappointing season to say the least. They are sitting at 1-6, coming off a crushing loss to the Arizona Cardinals that ended in a last second interception on a potential game-tying play. The Ravens are looking to bounce back with a win at home against an inconsistent Chargers team.

Here are our five bold predictions for Sunday's game:

1.) Crockett Gillmore has 5+ catches for 70+ yards and 2 touchdowns

Playing a Chargers defense that has struggled all season long guarding opposing tight ends ranking 30th in the league according to Football Outsiders, Gillmore is primed to have his big breakout game this Sunday. The big-bodied tight end will prove too big to cover for San Diego's defense and will be Flacco's second favorite target behind Steve Smith Sr.

Gillmore's predicted stat-line: 7 catches for 82 yards, and 2 touchdowns.

2.) Joe Flacco has his first 400 yard performance of the season

Playing against a struggling Chargers secondary, Joe Flacco will have his best game yet. Flacco will also go his first game without tossing an interception this year. In a game that is guaranteed to be an offensive shootout, the Ravens offense will hit their stride against the Chargers on Sunday.

Flacco's predicted stat-line: 32 completions for 412 yards and 3 touchdowns.

3.) Ravens secondary produces 2 turnovers

This may not be a crazy prediction for other teams but the Ravens secondary has been abysmal the first half of the season. A key factor in the struggles of Baltimore's secondary were injuries to key role players, but now that the starting group is completely in-tact they have something to prove to the fans. They will make two game-changing interceptions that will end up paying off big time in the final score of the game.

4.) Philip Rivers has another huge game that comes up short

In a losing effort two weeks ago to the Green Bay Packers, Philip Rivers threw for over 500 yards on a solid Packers defense. Even though Rivers had a fantastic game, the Packers were able to stop the Chargers on the goal-line to secure the win. Playing a secondary that has struggled mightily thus far, Rivers will have no problems shredding the Ravens for 500+ yards and two touchdowns, however, Rivers will end up throwing a game sealing interception to give Ravens a Week 8 win.

Rivers' predicted stat-line: 45 completions, 508 yards, 2 touchdowns, and two interceptions.

5.) Justin Forsett has a huge game

Playing against a San Diego front that has been inconsistant at stopping the run throughout the season, Forsett will become a dynamic on both the ground and in the air. Forsett is primed to be a large factor in the passing game this week, and will have his best game yet against the Chargers in a guaranteed shootout between the offenses.

Forsett's predicted stat-line: 12 rushes for 106 yards and 1 rushing touchdown, and 6 receptions for 65 yards.

What do you think about these five bold predictions for tomorrow's game? Feel free to comment any predictions you have, or argue against any of the five above in the comments section below.