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Ravens are far from menacing when blitzing

The Ravens' best skill is actually turning against them.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

When you think of the Ravens, you may picture a brutal pass rush. Sure, our secondary might be questionable at times, but throw some of those exotic Dean Pees' blitzes at the quarterback and everything will be okay.

But you might want to think again if that's how you want this Ravens' defense to play.

While the call for more blitzes has been one of the main rallying cries of the movement to fire Dean Pees, the play hasn't exactly been effective.

Per Ryan Mink of the Baltimore Ravens, opponents have a 133.6 passer rating when throwing against a Ravens' blitz this year. Quarterbacks have also tossed nine touchdowns against the play, and only one pick has been forced with the pass rush.

Not only has the pass rush been ineffective at times, but this is really a testament to how awful the secondary is. It's hard to blitz when the cornerbacks let practically every receiver on the field get open, this despite lining receivers off the line of scrimmage specifically so they don't get burnt. The result has been opposing quarterbacks absolutely feasting off the Ravens when they stack the box.

So next time you are screaming at your television set, wondering just why the Ravens aren't pressuring the quarterback, think back to this. I hate to give Dean Pees the benefit of the doubt, but if you consider just what he's working with, it might be necessary.