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Ravens vs. Chargers: Game Odds

This week's game is like a coin toss.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

So this week brings us the battle of two dumpster fires. You've got the  Ravens (1-6) battling the Chargers (2-5). The one common thread binding these two teams is their ability to fall short in close games. The Chargers' margin of defeat in five losses is 41 points, while the Ravens have only lost by 30 points in six defeats.

So what does that do for the odds of this tilt?

It just really messes them up.

Here are the odds for this week's contest.

  • The Crowd's Line: Ravens 22.8 - Chargers 23.3
  • Vegas: Ravens 26.7 - Chargers 23.3
But who cares what Vegas thinks? We want to know what you think, and that's why we have this nifty widget from the Crowd's Line. With this interactive tool, you can let your prediction be heard, and compete against other blogs. From last week, the Beatdown has fallen to 6th place, that's down one spot from last week.