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Dean Pees low key calls out Jimmy Smith

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens have done a good job of not pointing fingers at each other in the locker room as well as the organization as whole... Until now.

Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees took a shot at cornerback Jimmy Smith citing his lack of production.

Here is what Pees had to say about Smith via

" Whether that's the injury, whether it's not, I don't ... Only he can tell you that. But I haven't seen him quite be the ... what do I want to say? Productive player. It's more a lot of confidence in going up there and really being aggressive."

So Pees says he hasn't seen Smith become a quite the productive player.

That's funny. I could argue that I haven't seen Pees become quite the defensive coordinator that the Ravens are used to seeing.

Since Pees became defensive coordinator for the Ravens in 2012, the Ravens defense has allowed at least 335 yards a game for four straight seasons which has never been done before in the 20 year history of the franchise.

The Ravens defense is currently allowing over 26 points a game and over 380 yards a game as well.

That doesn't look productive to me.

Pees isn't in any position to put blame on any Ravens defender. The Ravens changed their roster in the secondary over and over in the past four seasons and big plays down the field still continue to happen.

Since the end of the 2012 season, the Ravens have had at least three defensive backs leave the organization.

  • 2013 offseason: Ed Reed, Cary Williams and Bernard Pollard leave
  • 2014 offseason: Corey Graham, James Ihedigbo and Michael Huff leave (Huff was released during 2013 regular season)
  • 2015 offseason: Darian Stewart, Danny Gorrer and Chykie Brown leave

But mind you, those weren't the only players in the secondary who left in each of those offseasons. The Ravens have signed cornerback after cornerback in the last four seasons in free agency like they are going of style and a huge chunk of yards continue to be allowed by this secondary.

Not to mention other high profile players in the Ravens front seven have left in the past four years as well. So who is to blame? Who isn't being productive?

The common denominator in all of this is Pees. Pees is the head coach of the defense. With all of the changes in the secondary in recent years, the struggle to defend the pass is still the same.

Has it ever occurred to Pees that maybe his style of defense isn't friendly for defensive backs?

The Ravens secondary under former defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano in 2011 ranked fourth in the NFL in pass defense.

Pagano's defense in 2011 had Jimmy Smith, Ed Reed, Bernard Pollard, Cary Williams and Lardarius Webb. Once again, that was good enough to be ranked fourth in the NFL in pass defense.

Pees defense in 2012 with those same players dropped all the way to 16th in the NFL in pass defense.

Since Pees became defensive coordinator in 2012, the highest the Ravens pass defense has been ranked is 12th and that was in 2013. Where is his productivity as a defensive coordinator?

Don't point fingers Pees. You are in no position to do such a thing.