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Former Ravens running back Ray Rice still connected to Baltimore

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Former Ravens running back Ray Rice is showing that his publicity tour after his famous elevator video was not just a stunt. Ray Rice and his wife Janay surprised cheerleaders in Southwest Baltimore with brand new uniforms, another in a long line of things the couple has done over their time in Baltimore to help the city's inhabitants.

A youth football team was working to take back a neighborhood park in Baltimore according to Baltimore Sun's Luke Broadwater, prompting the couple to rush to help. After finding out that the team's cheerleaders needed new gear even more than the football players, they got to work with Janay helping to design their uniforms. Through such a selfless action, it's clear that the Rices want to be involved in Baltimore despite not holding a job with the Ravens any longer.

We wanted to give these little girls something to look forward to. It was a no-brainer. I still want to be attached to the Baltimore community.

Wednesday, the Rices gave the uniforms and gear to the children at the Samuel F.B. Morse Recreation Center to a varied set of reactions. Some children cheered, some cried due to happiness and surprise. With the children and adults responsible for so much change in the community, it can seem like everything is fighting you at all times and for every step you move forward, you take two steps back. To get brand new gear to go with their brand new park free of crime and trash, it is a rejuvenating feeling for the kids and adults.

"This is big for us — I feel loved," said 16-year-old Lauryn Hill.

"It makes me feel that people care about us," said Chynia Dorsey, 16. "People say Baltimore kids are trouble. This makes us feel awesome."

There will forever be those people in life that will point to the assault or to events like this as a rouse to getting back into the NFL, but hearing Rice talk about the uniforms and what it means to not only the community, but to him as well, you can't help but to think it is a genuine act.

I know what football did for me. I know what football and cheerleading can do for them.

I said a prayer for Baltimore. I honestly felt bad I wasn't here to help. ... These young kids now have to grow up remembering how their neighborhoods were torn down. And this is the place they call home

We could use more people like Ray Rice in the NFL and in the Baltimore communities. Both Ray and his wife Janay seem to want to put the past behind them and help out those that are around them. Best of luck to both of them and a sincere thank you from us at Baltimore Beatdown for doing what few people in life can or would do to help a community that did it's best to blacklist them.