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Buck Allen turning into a bright spot for Ravens

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens rookie running back Buck Allen showed some power and speed in limited action this season and he certainly showed it against the Arizona Cardinals. With the 1-6 record, the Ravens should not only feature him more against the San Diego Chargers, Allen should see more time for the remainder of the season.

My colleague Chuck Mills believes younger players on the roster should have more playing time. I fully agree with that. And Allen is making the most of his time with the Ravens.

Starting running back Justin Forsett signed a three year deal worth 9 million with the Ravens this past offseason and even though Forsett is 30 years old, he doesn't have the wear and tear that other running backs his age have at that point as he bounced around from team to team over the course of his career and finally has stability with the Ravens.

I believe Forsett still has a role on this team and should still play a critical role with this team. I just think that Allen should begin to take on half of the snaps that Forsett is seeing.

Allen, weighing at 220 pounds, is averaging 4.9 yards per carry this year on 33 rushing attempts. A limited amount of snaps but that is still pretty good.

Allen just hits the hole in the running game differently than Forsett. Allen is more a hammer who can gain the extra yards that Forsett most of the time isn't able to. Forsett however, almost always picks the right running lane to use and is so quick that he is able to escape for additional yardage as well.

Both running backs seem to be pretty good compliments to one another. I would prefer Allen because I think the Ravens running game historically has always been at its best with a more powerful running back dating back to the days of Jamal Lewis and even in 2008 when the Ravens used their fullback as the leading rusher in LeRon McClain. The Ravens in recent years have struggled to run the ball on short yardage situations.

The Ravens don't look like the bully they used to be in those type of situations. They are still a good running team, but not as physical. Allen has the skill set to make the Ravens a bully again.